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Dance at Illinois 2 Day Challenge

[vimeo 59863012 nolink]

September 4th-7th, 2012, University of Illinois MFA and BFA candidates were challenged to choreograph and stage 15-minute works and present them in an evening concert at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, after only two days of rehearsal.

The classes quickly mined their experimentation for ideas and deleted or committed to them as they emerged. in 2 rehearsals create 3 Performance Projects. The challenge had a spirit of adventure and tested their skill, ingenuity, and artistry. During the two days of rehearsals, students collected short video clips, which were used in the projections during the performance, folding the process directly in to the performance. The evening was rounded out by an improvisation score led by Tamin Totzke.

All of the technical and musical elements of the performance combined design and improvisation. Projections: John Boesche Lighting: Grant Bowen Sound: Jeff Zahos Music: Jeff Zahos, Jason Finkelman, Ken Beck Video editing: Jeff Zahos